Who was Christian C. Sanderson?

Christian Carmack Sanderson was born in 1882 in the little village of Port Providence, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania into a typical American family of that era - one that held great respect for family life and high devotion to our flag and country.


Born into a historically-minded family, Chris developed an early interest in history, particularly local history. He devoted much of his time and energy in "making history live" for thousands and thousands of school children. His love for history had him tramping the countryside for relics and information and had him camping with the Civil War veterans at Gettysburg on the 50th anniversary of that famous battle.

Very few important events occurred in Washington, D.C., or New York that did not see Chris Sanderson as a witness. He attended every inauguration from Teddy Roosevelt's to Lyndon Johnson's and to most of these events he took with him school-age boys so that they, too, could witness history in the making.


Hand-in-hand with Chris' deep interest in history was the desire to collect historic relics. He saved artifacts of family interest as well as items of general interest.


Chris started his formal career in the one room school house at Garwood, Montgomery County, and after teaching a number of years in Chester and Delaware Counties, he ended his career as a principal of Oak Grove School, Elsmere, Delaware, in 1929. Following his formal teaching career, Chris devoted much of his time to teaching "youngsters of all ages" the art of square dancing. Up to the time of his death in 1966, he was still conducting square dance classes in private and public schools as well as making many classroom lectures.

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